Benjamin Wey

Corporate Thought Leader at the New York Global Group - Benjaminey Wey, Honesty, Integrity, and Winning all while doing it his "Wey"

Benjamin Wey , whose New York Global Group (NYGG) has been among the leaders in the financial scene in guiding companies is continuing, its website reports, to produce success in complex funding strategic market entry and crisis management issues worldwide. An expert in international transactions, Wey has been forging a track record for several years in advising multi-national emerging growth companies. In fact, NYGG has been active for almost 20 years in successfully advising Fortune global 500 companies, including the tenure of Wey as its lead consultant and CEO.

Benjamin Wey Leads With Accomplishments “

By 2013, Wey had led NYGG to a several decade positive track record, with access to $1 billion in investment capital. He himself attributes this achievement to strong self initiative as much as to financial aptitude, living by the leadership motto "if a man has courage, resources and believes in the truth, he won't bend his principles under any circumstances." Wey nonetheless does have several finance related Masters degrees, including being a graduate of Columbia business school. His expertise in China affairs has also been a great asset, contributing to over 15 years of success of NYGG in the Asian market since the late 1990s.

Renowned World Leader, and Philanthropist “

On the humanitarian front Mr. Wey was awarded a "golden key" in China for building school facilities for orphans and farm kids, and he continues to supply support for Columbia University and other financial schools. His leading role, however, has been his use of NYGG to promote entrepreneurship and create jobs in both the West and in China, in conjunction with the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA), and has commented that "the total number of U.S. brokerage firms that raise capital for small growth companies in America has dropped by more than 50% in the last five years."

Uncontested Track Record “

Benjamin Wey adds that "New York Global Group is pleased to serve as a potential buy-side funding source for some of NIBA's Members' initiatives that invest in job opportunities at companies across the United States." Under his leadership, NYGG has been a leading force or participant in more than 250 such projects worldwide. Wey expects the track record to continue despite recent controversies for changes in the market and regulatory climate. He continues to advocate a commitment to “differentiate ourselves through creative thinking and action, and to determine to show a win win with our clients in every aspect of our business.

Benjamin Wey's Skills & Expertise Corporate Finance Private Equity China Business Development Investment Banking Venture Capital Management Consulting Teaching International Market Entry Securities Regulation Investment Strategies Strategic Leadership Strategic Planning Business Strategy doing business in China Asia Pacific Global Business Development Project Management Capital Markets Capital Structure Venture Financing

Benjamin Wey's Education “

Columbia University - Columbia Business School
Master of Science (MS), Columbia Business School
As the business school of Columbia University, Columbia Business School is ranked among the best business schools in the United States and around the world. Columbia University's alumni include 3 U.S. presidents (including Barack Obama), 9 U.S. supreme court Justices, 29 heads of state and investment legends Warren Buffett, Henry Kravis and many others.
Columbia University in the City of New York
Columbia University Senior Executive Program (CSEP)
Activities and Societies: "The Columbia Senior Executive Program is an incomparable journey that allows executives from around the world to take a step back from their daily work and deeply focus on a strategic, leadership, or management problem. Columbia Business School's faculty members create a true collaborative learning environment and help executives bridge the latest in business theory and research with practical applications for their organizations." Glenn Hubbard, Dean, Columbia Business School
University of Central Oklahoma
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
A fan of the UCO Bronchos sports teams!! UCO: Solid business education and cherished American values learned in America's heartland.
University of Maryland College Park

Guest Lecturer Benjamin Wey - global capital markets and corporate finance Benjamin Wey shares insightful knowledge in dual languages with accomplished global executives on the subjects of global capital markets, venture capital, private equity investments, investment banking and corporate finance. Executive Program, Graduate School of Business.
Zhejiang University

Guest Professor Benjamin Wey - Leadership strategies and global capital markets,Zhejiang University School of Management
RANKED NO. 3 among China's top universities (2011), Benjamin Wey is a guest professor at Zhejiang University School of Management. Zhejiang University: founded 1897: University website: Zhejiang University: 44,000 students, 37 colleges/schools. According to Essential Science Indicator (ESI) ranking about 22 disciplines, Zhejiang University ranks among the top 1% in 14 disciplines, in 4 of which it is listed in the top 100 of the world's academic institutions.

Specialties: Benjamin Wey at Zhejiang University - bridging real economy and global capital markets. Teaching insightful knowledge in dual languages to accomplished senior executives in many industries and regions across China and other Asian countries. University of Petroleum (East China) Visiting Professor of Finance, Investment banking and global capital market
Benjamin Wey Visiting Professor of Finance since 2006.

Benjamin Wey at the China University of Petroleum - Huadong and Beijing campuses (student population: about 50,000) is a top ranked national university in China. Many in leadership positions in China's oil industry are graduates of the China University of Petroleum, including two of China's recent Vice Premiers. Oklahoma Baptist University Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Grade: Valedictorian and Full Scholarship A fan of the OBU Bison sports teams! OBU: An ideal educational institution to gain solid academic experience and conservative American values. Benjamin Wey's life principle learned from Abraham Lincoln "Important principles may, and must, be inflexible."

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