Benjamin Wey - Bridging His Chinese Roots and His American Heart.

BENJAMIN WEY’s life journey is one that embodies the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of America. He arrived in the United States two decades ago as a young man from Beijing, China, with $62 in his pocket, a one-way plane ticket and a full scholarship to attend an American university.

Benjamin Wey studied hard and worked tirelessly, starting several businesses on college campuses. He persevered and succeeded over the years. With each small victory came attainable success that catapulted him into a Wall Street career as a job creator and an accomplished American financier, who became the CEO of a thriving international private equity firm with access to more than $1 billion in investment capital, helping to fund tens of thousands of jobs worldwide.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Finance

We introduce global investment capital to companies in order to help them grow stronger, faster and generate more jobs that benefit their communities.

Direct Investments

We invest in both early stage startups and late stage mature companies across many industries.

Market Entry Advisory

We provide an assortment of market entry services and outbound transactions in the last 20 plus years.

Strategic Advisory

Our Group practices are led by experienced and talented executives that have the expertise, high-level private and public sector backgrounds, global network and expert judgment to address challenges for clients In the United States and beyond.

Venture Capital Financing

Helping talented growth-oriented companies realize their long-term growth potential in volatile markets.

Funding Litigation

Allowing justice to prevail through enabling claims of high merit to proceed and offering a solution to mitigate our client’s risk. We are dedicated to advancing justice.

"Each year, Benjamin Wey leads efforts to provide financial and other charitable assistance to hundreds of underprivileged orphans and farm kids at a school in China’s rural Hebei province, making a positive impact on the lives of these impoverished children. This is the only K-12 school within three square kilometers of the village. "

Personal Success Quote

Life Principles

  • “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.”

    – Abraham Lincoln

  • “Facts are stubborn things.”

    – John Adams

  • You only have one life to live. Between life and death is courage. Benjamin Wey never gives up or gives in.

    – Benjamin Wey

Public Speaking

Benjamin Wey in the News

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Some Interesting Facts


Years of experience

A seasoned global financier and American CEO.

Companies advised

Benjamin Wey has served as an advisor for more than 600 companies.

Accessible investment capital

Benjamin Wey has access to $1 Billion of investment capitol.

Jobs helped to create

To date, Benjamin Wey has helped to create more than 10,000 jobs.