Benjamin Wey - Bridging His Chinese Roots and His American Heart.

BENJAMIN WEY’s life journey is one that embodies the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of America. He arrived in the United States two decades ago as a young man from Beijing, China, with $62 in his pocket, a one-way plane ticket and a full scholarship to attend an American university.

Benjamin Wey studied hard and worked tirelessly, starting several businesses on college campuses. He persevered and succeeded over the years. With each small victory came attainable success that catapulted him into a Wall Street career as a job creator and an accomplished American financier, who became the CEO of a thriving international private equity firm with access to more than $1 billion in investment capital, helping to fund tens of thousands of jobs worldwide.

A Columbia University graduate, Benjamin Wey has two master’s degrees in business. His many successes can be attributed to his combination of ethical optimism and unrelenting perseverance in the pursuit of excellence, guiding him into his academic achievements and his cascading success in the business world. It was a lesson he learned from his mother: every conversation was an opportunity for improvement and growth.

For more than two decades, Benjamin Wey has used his unique understanding of both American and Chinese cultures to carve out a niche business model serving as a bridge between the world’s two largest economies. His American colleagues and business partners admire his ability to separate “the grain from the chaff” and trust his acumen in discovering business successes in Asia; while his Chinese colleagues not only trust his experience and judgment, but also see him as the future of China’s sustained economic growth into the next century. He has seamlessly forged these two often disparate philosophies that have greatly benefited his business and clients.

Very much like the American land in New York where he has adopted as his home, Benjamin Wey is not content with the status quo and is always looking to expand the boundaries of possibility. His optimism and impressive winning streaks in the face of daunting odds, and his abilities to overcome obstacles continue to propel him and his clients into greater successes.

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